Gruff Beard is a passionate family run company based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.  It was established in 2014 by couple Adam and Nic. The ethos of Gruff Beard is simple, to create high end luxury beard products without the matching price tag.  Adam spent years experimenting with different beard balms, oils & soaps, but was ultimately frustrated with the discrepancy between the cheap balms predominantly made up with Petroleum Jelly and the more glamorous products which will set you back a small fortune. Unwilling to break the bank and too discerning to put his pride and joy in the hands of substandard beard waxes, The Gruff Beard Company was born.
We know that growing an awesome beard takes time and commitment.  Being bearded is a way of life and too many a potential beard has been lost to the razor. It is our hope that with quality ingredients and a genuine enthusiasm for male grooming, we can make growing a healthy and luxurious beard a reality. 
Feed Your Beard!